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Support the AWA Takapuna Wharf Petition

The Harbour Access Trust in association with the Takapuna Business Association and Auckland Council are currently exploring the possibility of the development of a wharf and commuter ferry service at the Northern end of Takapuna beach. The Auckland Windsurfing Association and a number of local residents have significant environmental, safety and viability concerns about any such development and believe that the re-purposing of the Takapuna Beach Holiday Park as a pre-cursor to such a move. Petition:

The specific concerns include but are not limited to:

The impact that a wharf would have to the large Windsurfing, surfing and Stand up Paddle (SUP) boarding community that use the reef and beach. Any wharf development is likely to affect:
Wave behaviour and would make it much more dangerous or even impossible to windsurf or surf on the reef. For example, a rip may wash users off the reef right into/under any proposed wharf positioned adjacent to the reef
Ability to launch windsurfers and kite surfers from the boat ramp or beach downwind of the proposed wharf could be severely impacted due to the wind shadow and disturbed airflow that any such structure and increased power boat/ferry traffic that would, launching from further down the beach towards Hauraki Corner is not an option as there is inadequate parking and access from most of the residential streets. In addition it would be very difficult to launch from this end of the beach due to the prevailing wind/wave directions for many people.
Increased safety risk to swimmers and water users as a result of increased number of powered vessels, and proposed ferry services which would utilise the wharf and further developed ramp facilities.
Damage to the 'exceptional fossil forest' which makes up the natural reef adjoining the car park and coastal boardwalk. This unique natural environment was exhumed by coastal erosion when the sea level rose to its current height following the last glacial period and could be significantly damaged by any development
Blight on the beautiful vista of the gulf from the beach
Increased water traffic from powered vessels is likely to cause noticeable pollution to the entire beach including fuel run off, oil slicks etc from poorly maintained boats and careless owners
The area cannot sustain the existing parking/traffic movements, parking is already at a premium as a result of the Takapuna Beach cafe development and as a result causes significant headaches to local residents
Significantly increased risk to pedestrians with higher traffic volumes proposed to pickup and drop off ferry passengers whilst also disrupting the ability for water users to access the boat ramp and parking areas safely
I undersigned concur with the thoughts and suggestions made by the Auckland Windsurfing Association and formally register my objection to the development of any wharf facilities and the redevelopment of the existing Takapuna Beach Holiday park.

The information collected will only be used for the petition and will not be passed onto any marketing companies. If the local authorities do not accept this form of petition we may contact you in the future to sign a physical petition.

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