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My name is Dave Richards and last night my BLUE van was stolen in Wellington taken for a joy ride then all my windsurfing equipment was cleaned out. Please can you keep you ears to the ground for; Fanatic skate 90l 2011/2012 model (A small white patch job from a ding front left of the mast track. The back has been rebuilt and therefore does not have the CAD/CAM logo on the back, design and colours close but not Authentic. (click through for more details)

Jp wave board 74l (there is extensive carbon fiber repair around the mast track) 5.0 tushingham RAF sail. Yellow (should have the number 779 on the sail) 5.8 tushingham RAF sail. Yellow (sailer identity number 779) 4.0 tushingham RAF sail. (no identity number) 400 and 430 tushingham masts (430 mast been reinforced with white carbon wrapping above 2 piece mast junction. Usual bits that put it all together. Please contact Dave Richards 0211167430

Detailed list
Fanatic Skate 90l TE, 2011/2012 model. Back end has been repaired and missing CAD/CAM logo, small repair to the front left of the deck plate. SN FA11SK90 10040040.

JP wave board yellow/grey, 74l real world wave. New foot-straps. The mast track has been repaired with carbon fiber all the way around the mast track.

Tushingham 2011/2012 5.8m Yellow freeride sail.
Tushingham 2011/2012 5.0m Yellow freeride sail.
Tushingham 2008 grey 4.0m wave sail.
400 tushingham mast 100% carbon RRD
430 tushingham mast 100% carbon RRD
Chinook blue and black boom
Chinook deck plate mast extension
Blue seventh wave wetsuit.

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