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Slalom Nationals 2021 Proposal

(Photo Richard Simmons)
Slalom Nationals 2021 on Lake Clearwater proposal - preliminary details and SURVEY
(note: This is reposted from the Windsurfing NZ Facebook page - to read comments and complete survey please go to - Read proposal here
Many people raised the idea last year that Nationals on the Lake Clearwater would be perfect, but had concerns about rescue boat allowance in the natural reserve, etc.. Taking into account that there were no other proposals for Nationals and I love the lake and some people inspired me to post this, I have decided to ask the council about the lake. Now, I have received the approval from the Ashburton District Council to run an event and use a rescue boat / jet ski with an electric motor on standby. So the main legal issue is resolved and we can go ahead to make an event there.
So, here are the preliminary proposed details, discussion kick off, and the survey to estimate if there is an interest to participate and / or help organising / running it.
Please read on and answer the survey. If there is NO interest from participants and supporters, the event would not be worth doing.
Why the Lake Clearwater
- It is in the mountains and windy every day, most days very windy. The wind funnels between the mountains and works in any direction. (I have been on the lake more than 40 days last year and there were only 2 days without wind suitable for slalom. Rainy days are possible but clear out quickly as it is very rapidly changing weather in the mountains).
- Some people claimed 40+ knots speed sailing there! So races will be very exciting!
- It is fresh water - so much better than salty ocean. It is very warm in summer - the lake is certainly much warmer than Lyttelton Harbor - so your shower after an event is sorted.
- It is spectacular for observers as the lake is small and the action is right close to the beach.
- It is easy to set up and assist as there is a road (although sometimes only 4WD) around the lake.
- It is safer than the Lyttleton / open ocean, so more youth can participate too!!
- There is a designated area for windsurfers. Everybody leaves their sails overnight under the trees and shelters without worries. So save on storage containers.
- The camping ground for participants and supporters to live - $10 per car per night - there is no other better value for money place. So save on hotels. It has got toilet facilities and, I think, a shower (but there is a risk of water shortage in dry periods).
- Big party hall, which we can rent for the case of bad weather or evening social parties or the race committee office. Even without a hall, social gatherings in the evenings under shelters were always perfect there.
- CWA runs social events there yearly.
- There is a cafe / restaurant in 20-30 minutes, run by Europeans living right in the middle of the mountains (but sometimes you need a 4WD car to get there :)). They serve and open by a prior order request. Potentially, we may ask them to cook and bring lunches / dinners for us to the lake.
- I assume shared dinners and BBQ prepared collaboratively every evening would be a great addition.
- It is not too far from Christchurch - about 1h45m easy drive. So we can bring the gear from CWA and NPCL with enough people willing to help.
Proposed dates: 7-10 January 2021. Reasoning: make it after Xmas madness (Lake Clearwater camping was completely empty in mid-January last 2 years. Should be even better the coming season without tourists), right after Aviemore Classic (so you can do both events in the South Island close to each other), during school/uni holidays (so youth can participate), before the Prada AC event in Auckland. If you think the dates should be different, please, raise it in comments!
Help needed:
- To manage the organisation, talk with NPCL, council and other dependencies and coordinate people helping on the subjects below. - I can lead some of the activities, but would be happy to delegate any activities, especially the most critical ones to people who organised races before.
- Race committee, people on the start line, finish line (it may not necessarily be on a boat)
- Setup the course (boat pilots and / or paddlers) - we can set it up once for both dominating wind directions and tune it later.
- We need an electric outboard (I assume we can take an NPCL rescue boat) or a boat or a jet ski with an electric motor (if we can not get a boat from NPCL). If we do not get one it would be harder but still not a big issue as the lake is small and a paddled boat may also work.
- We need people with suitable cars to prepare, tow boat(s) and the racing gear to the place.
- We need to talk with potential sponsors and organise prizes.
- We need shared camping gear (shelters, etc)
- We need help bringing the gear up
- We need help with bringing shared drinking water in addition to the supplies by individuals
- We need to plan and manage breakfasts / dinners, if we opt into shared dinners
- Anything else I missed? Please comment!
So, please say in the comments if you can help with anything and what would you prefer to do? You do not have to be from Christchurch in order to be able to help! We will do all coordination and communication remotely / online to make it easier for everyone and let everybody, including North Islanders, to be more involved :) .
AND answer the survey if you are interested in participating and / or helping. Answer multiple options, which apply!

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