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Scott Park Launch Area ACCESS

Work, expected to take two years (pre-earthquake Sept 2010), has started on the Ferrymead Bridge, with contractor site access signs going up at the northern entrance to Scott Park, just below the bridge in the MPYC/MPBC car park. City Council Project Leader Peter Rivers says that the contractor requires access along the paper road beside the estuary to their site from the Northern entrance between the following hours:

Monday - Friday - 07:30am to 06:30pm

Saturday only - 07:30am to 01:30pm

So long as windsurfers do not block that access, they can continue to park and rig up at Scott park, although this doesn't preclude the contractor from restricting access at other times, but lets hope this is during the week.

Below is an extract of a media release

"...The construction will take just over two years to complete. The first 17 months of work will include building an entirely new substructure below the bridge surface, with the existing traffic layout and capacity to be retained throughout this phase.

Nine months of work above the bridge will follow this from December 2011 to August 2012. This work involves constructing the bridge approaches, services, adjacent road works and traffic signals.

Bernard Kopke, HEB Structures South Island Area Manager, says measures will be taken to ensure the existing number of lanes is maintained throughout construction.

“Pedestrians, cyclist and motorists will experience minimum disturbance – and we hope they’ll be able to continue with the flow and direction they’re used to throughout the entire construction project.”

Further details of the construction methodology will be released prior to works starting.

The contract has been awarded for $9.8 million, with $366,000 for water main and sewer replacement.

The bridge is being strengthened to bring it in line with current earthquake resistance standards and will be widened to accommodate an increase in users.

The Main Road three laning project will be completed in conjunction with the construction work above the bridge, and will run from December 2011 to August 2012..."

John Thyne

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