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Safety notice to competitors

Safety Notice for Participants

A notice must be included in the Race Instructions for your event. All participants need to be provided with this information. It can be incorporated in your Race Instructions or it can be attached as a separate page. Here is the text for you to use. If you want your safety notice to read differently, you need to let WNZ know.


Check your rigging for worn ropes, loose fittings or a cracked universal joint.


Beginners should stick to enclosed waters.

Be aware of local regulations and never sail in NO BOATING areas or areas crowded
by swimmers.

All rigs present at the race site must be under control at all times. This might include, but is not limited to:
▪ Being attached to a board.
▪ Tethering of the rig to a tree or stake/screwdriver in the ground

Avoid offshore winds until very proficient as sailing back upwind once tired or
overpowered becomes much more difficult.

Be sure of your self-rescue capabilities with any rig you may be using.

Dress correctly - A wetsuit must be worn as it provides buoyancy and protection from the cold.

Be aware of dehydration - drink water

Be aware of your limitations. If in doubt don't go out!


Sail slowly when leaving and returning to shore to avoid running aground or
colliding with others.

Never sail further from the shore than is necessary.

Avoid collisions at all costs.

Stay with your board no matter what happens, it is your largest buoyancy aid, and
use the International hand distress signals if necessary (slowly and repeatedly
raising and lowering arms outstretched to each side).

Be aware of hypothermia and leave the water if symptoms occur (shivering, numb
extremities and poor co-ordination).

Know the “rules of the road” in relation to other water users. The rules of the road that you need to know about are included in the Race Instructions.

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