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Safety concerns - sailors / kiters vs TSS Earnslaw, Lake Wakatipu

The skippers on the TSS Earnslaw have had a few incidents of late particularly with kite surfers who are getting too close to the bow of the Earnslaw as she leaves Queenstown Bay and heads out to Walter Peak (around the one mile point).

As you know the steamship uses 1912 technology and the vessel does not stop in turn as easily as modern craft. Signals are also given from the skipper to the engineering team down below so a sudden stopping of the vessel is impossible.

As you know with the nature of the winds here and the varying ability of sailors there could be an occasion where a sailor could fall in front of the bow which could become a serious incident.

Because of the particular requirements of the vessel we have a dispensation to have right of way over sail in close proximately to and in the bay..

Could you please let all your members no that we have no problems with them off the stern of the vessel but sailing too close to the bow of the Earnslaw is a hazard which we want to eliminate.

I appreciate your assistance if you could notify your members that would be great. If they ever want to come for a cruise and see what the operation is like for the skipper please let me know.

Obviously you and the other board sailors and kite surfers are enjoying these late seasonal winds!

Kind Regards, Andrew Husheer

TSS Earnslaw / Walter Peak Manager
Real Journeys
Steamer Wharf
PO Box 94 Queenstown
New Zealand

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