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Running an event ?

Windsurfing New Zealand is here to help you with running a windsurfing event. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as resources available for you to use in running a fun and safe windsurfing event. We also have organised insurance cover for events and we can work with you to ensure that your event can benefit from this cover.

Windsurfing has a history of being a relatively safe sport, but incidents can happen. Broken gear and injuries are common.

In the unlikely event of a serious incident, organisers, volunteers and competitors at a competition may become liable for the damage or serious injuries that may occur. An example may be where a rescue boat holes a spectator boat that then sinks. Or where a competitor’s gear gets caught by a gust and flies off the beach and onto an adjacent road, causing damage to a car.

Windsurfing New Zealand has an insurance policy that provides cover for liability arising from accidents at events. But for this insurance policy to apply to the event that you are organising, your event must be officially sanctioned by Windsurfing New Zealand. It also requires for you as organiser, to ensure that thorough risk management is implemented at your event.

It is easy for your event to be sanctioned by Windsurfing New Zealand. Here are the three stages that are involved:

1. Prepare preliminary event details.

For non competitive events such as clean-ups, demo days, swap meets etc, you just need to let WNZ know a few weeks before the event starts.

For competitive events you must work with Windsurfing New Zealand to prepare the following:

  1. Notice of race,
  2. Race Instructions,
  3. Entry form,

For competitive events, competitors must be a member of any local New Zealand windsurf club. For National title events a WNZ insurance fee must be collected from competitors and paid to WNZ after the event. The fee is currently set at $10 per person.

WNZ may also need you to submit an Event Risk Management plan. This is likely to only be necessary for very large events or events where risks are higher than for regular windsurf competitions because usually the Notice of Race and Race Instructions will include the necessary risk management matters.

2. During the event, you must:

Implement risk management. This may for example be achieved by ensuring compliance with the Notice of Race and Race Instructions and any Event Risk Management plan.

3. After the event, you must:

Submit an event report to WNZ.

More information

To find out more you can read about:

step 1 here:
Step 2 here:

Unless Windsurfing New Zealand send you a written notification after the first stage that confirms that your event is sanctioned, your event will be independent and will not covered by WNZ insurance.

For your event, you must not employ anyone to assist you. As soon as you employ someone you become an employer. Occupational Health and Safety and a lot of other laws then come into effect that can create too many obligations and complications. If you require others to assist you in running the event, they must be volunteers.

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