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running an event ?

Windsurfing New Zealand is here to help you with running a windsurfing event.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as resources available for you to use in running a fun and safe windsurfing event.
Whilst windsurfing has a history of being a relative safe sport, incidents can happen. Broken gear, collisions and personal injuries are examples.
In the unlikely event of a serious incident, organisers and competitors may become liable for damage or injuries that may occur. An example may be where a rescue boat holes a spectator boat that then sinks. Or where a competitor’s gear flies off the beach and into a carpark, causing damage to a car.
Windsurfing New Zealand has an insurance policy that provides cover for liability arising from certain accidents. But for this insurance policy to cover the event you are organising, your event must become a Windsurfing New Zealand sanctioned event. It also requires for you to ensure you have a risk management plan for your event and that this is implemented during the event.
To become a Windsurfing New Zealand sanctioned event, there are 3 easy steps to take before the event:
1) Prepare preliminary event details. For this you must
a. submit the following, in draft form, to Windsurfing New Zealand at least two months before the start of the event:
i. Notice of race,
ii. Race Instructions
iii. Entry form
iv. Event risk management plan
b. work with WNZ to finalise the notice of race and entry form.
2) Announce the event and invite entries.
3) Work with WNZ to finalise the race instructions and risk management plan.
During the event, you must comply with the event risk management plan.
After the event you must submit an event report to WNZ.
If your event is not an on the water event, then you need to contact WNZ to discuss alternatives.
Unless you receive a written notification from Windsurfing New Zealand after step 1 confirming that your event is sanctioned, your event will not be covered by WNZ insurance and is an event independent of WNZ.

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