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RS:X - the Olympic class

The RS:X came about as a result of a successful bid by NeilPryde WIndsurfing to supply one design windsurfing equipment for the 2008 Olympic Games in China. The RS:X was designed in 2004 and went into production in 2005.

The RS:X design features a high technology rig, with carbon mast and boom, a ‘wide-style’ board that merges modern windsurf board design with a centreboard, thus enabling competitions to he held in virtually any condition from 3 to 30 knots. This means that the RS:X is always a dynamic, versatile class to observe, and racing is always close, exciting and visually appealing.

Two sizes of sail are available for competitors. Men use a 9.5m sail while women and youth use an 8.5m sail. The sail, rig and board have been designed in conjunction with each other in order to to ensure a high level of design synergy.

The RS:X Class Association was established in November 2006, and is critical to the establishment and ongoing development of the RS:X as an international Olympic Class.

The RS:X is the most affordable yachting class that is eligible for competition in the Olympic Games. It is also very easy to transport, as it can be carried on commercial aircraft as excess baggage, thus allowing sailors to compete internationally at minimal expense. This allows the scheduling of many regattas which can be attended by a large number of sailors from all over the world.

The inaugural RS:X World Championships were held at Lake Garda, Italy, and featured some 244 competitors. Subsequent World Championship Regattas in 2007 Cascais, Portugal and in 2008 Auckland, New Zealand attracted 186 and 193 sailors respectively.

More than 3000 sets of equipment have been sold since production started in 2005 to competitors in more than 50 nations in 6 continents.

The RS:X Class is actively involved in developing racing fleets in the U21, U19 and U17 Age Divisions who compete in separate World and Continental Championships. It should be noted that only the U19 Division is awarded World Championship titles for Youth Men and Youth Women recognised by ISAF due to the strict limitations that they impose on their number.

The RS:X Class has recently launched the RS:X Reach-4-The-Top Training Programmes to assist National Sailing Federations, Athletes, Coaches and National Technical officials gain more knowledge and experience. The class is actively organising clinics and training camps worldwide.

Watch some videos on the RS:X class.

RSX Windsurfer Class Association (details may be out of date) as registered at
Boat Type Boardsailing
Mailing Address
PO Box 803

Next National Championship16 Feb 2012

Robyn Headifen
Publicity Officer
Janine Williams
(09) 551 3213
Paul Mackenzie
027 492 3865
Dave MacKay
021 470 611
Admin Secretary
Jo Mackenzie
027 480 2618
Andrea Bowater - Christchurch Region
Stuart Pedersen - Tauranga Region

RS:X News


Top Dutch windsurfer Dorian Van Rijsselberge, New Zealand’s Jon-Paul (JP) Tobin and Canada’s Zac Plavsic say their idyllic stay in Weymouth ‘turned sour’ when thousands of pounds worth of unique kit was taken from a lock-up on Castle Cove Beach. The specialist pieces of one-design RS:X windsurf race kit are worth little to the average windsurfer but are ‘priceless’ to them – representing months of research to find the best possible equipment for speed. Dorian, 22, said: “It was my board, Zac’s rig, JP’s mast, fins and daggerboard.


Sixty five RS:X sailors will look to set an early marker one year ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition as they compete at the Weymouth and Portland International Regatta 2011, the London 2012 Olympic Test Event, from 31 July to 13 August.


The Olympic championwould like be training on the English south coast in preparation for the 2011 Weymouth and Portland International Regatta, a series of races which serve as a pre-Olympic test event, starting on July 31.
Thanks to a touch of groin pain he first noticed four weeks ago on a training ride with his surgeon, and good friend, Mat Brick, he's not. Brick examined it, and Ashley was under the knife a week later. Ashley's femur was slightly the wrong shape and, because of that, was gradually beginning to wear away cartilage in his hip socket.
While Ashley is recovering, Jon-Paul Tobin, his sole rival for the slot available to New Zealand in the RS:X boardsailing regatta at the 2012 London Olympics, will be going hard off the Dorset coast.


While the team missed out on the medals this year, four representatives finished top ten, and New Zealand was within the top third of finishers in six of the eight classes sailed in Zadar. New Zealand’s windsurfers – Georgia Schofield and Sven Pedersen – finished ninth and 13th respectively. Both will now return home, along with the majority of the team, and plan to move graduate to the Olympic class board.


One race left for NZL Yachting Trust Youth Team in Croatia. Just one day, and one race remains in each class at the 41st Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship 2011 as the penultimate days wraps up and the regatta draws to a close in Zadar, Croatia. Girl’s board sailor Georgia Schofield remains in seventh out of 20 on the leader-board going into the final day of competition having placed twelfth and seventh last night. Sven Pedersen lies 13th in the boys fleet of 34.


Georgia Schofield is in seventh place in the girl’s RS:X after a fifth and an eighth in racing on day five of the competition. Meanwhile Sven Pedersen did a good day's work with a 4th and a 12th in the male RS:X! Still sitting 13th overall with one more day of racing to go. Awesome effort - keep it up!


The 2011 NZL Yachting Trust Youth Team is set to resume competition tonight at the 41st Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship 2011 on in Zadar, Croatia. Georgia Schofield is now in seventh place after an 11th and an eighth overnight, while Sven Pedersen, representing New Zealand in the boy’s RS:X is in 14th place overall.


With just one race possible for the windsurfers in Zadar Georgia Schofield finished seventh and retains her sixth place overall in the girl’s fleet after day three and will now front up to another day on the water with race organisers planning up to three races for both the girl’s and boy’s RS:X while everyone else has the day off. If stronger winds appear as forecast, this could really mix things up for the windsurfers who have sailed just four races to date.


It’s been a pumping battle for the windsurfers in the light winds at this regatta so far and Georgia Schofield has put in another solid day for New Zealand in the girl’s RS:X fleet. Two races were staged overnight in which she placed eighth and seventh putting her in sixth place overall at the end of day two. Sven Pedersen has moved up to 16 in the male RS:X fleet


Just one race was possible in the light breeze the day produced, which faded as time passed. Windsurfer, Schofield placed 5th in her race to lie 5th overall. Sven Pedersen placed 25 out of 34 in the male RS:X.

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