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RS:X and Techno Class Associations respond to ISAF decision to drop windsurfing from Olympics

From the President RS:X and Techno Association NZ:
We have all woken up this morning to the news that once again ISAF has shown that their decision-making process is seriously flawed.

To remove Windsurfing from the 2016 Olympics is just bizarre. You only need to watch coverage of the Perth Worlds to see that the most exciting sailing going on was the RS:X.

Whether this decision can be reviewed before 2016 is anyone's guess. Regardless of this we have a lot of sailing and International competition to be involved in.

The Techno and RS:X Worlds are going to continue with the Youth Olympics for Techno booked in and happening. On the local front we have a lot of sailing to look forward to with the Australians and the Noumeans. The Windsurfing Downunder Tour is a new and exciting example of a stand alone regatta that includes Formula, RS:X, Techno and Raceboard fleets.

In the near future building the Trans-Tasman series with the Australians and the Noumeans for next season, is a priority and linking this with the Kendall Cup Program, with an updated calendar is very important.

My sympathies go out to all the people who have put so much time into the top end of RS:X sailing. I know how big a part of your lives this has been and to have it taken away like this must be devastating. To include kite surfing, I think, was always a possibility, but to remove windsurfing from the Olympics is a separate decision and a really dumb one, makes me wonder what planet these people come from.

As the multi-hulls have shown us, by staying strong and active, these decisions can be changed and it is important to remember that there is a lot of windsurfing going on that is not directly linked to the Olympics.

We have a Committee meeting on Wednesday night and I expect that this decision, and where our focus should be, will be a large part of the agenda.

I will get out an email to all sailors after the meeting because I'm sure we will have more information by this time, including Yachting New Zealand's take on this.

Best regards,

Paul Mackenzie
RS:X & Techno Association

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