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Riding the waves at 91

John Davis glides across Clear Lake as quickly and smoothly as the wind can carry him. The 91-year-old Urbandale man, who owns a home in Bell Harbor on the south shore of the lake, took up the sport of windsurfing more than 30 years ago. It all started when his daughter asked him to rent a windsurfing board and sail for an upcoming visit. “I went ahead and bought one. I thought, ‘I’ve got a windsurfer. What am I going to do with it?’
“So she kind of showed me what she knew about it. I picked that up and I’ve just done it ever since.”

He said it takes time to learn just when to move the sail.

“I used to jokingly say that I sort of entertained the south shore the rest of that fall learning to windsurf,” he said, chuckling.

“It’s got to happen automatically.”

The most amazing thing, according to his wife, Jane, is that he surfs without getting wet unless he falls in.

He steps off the couple’s dock onto the board, tools around the lake, comes back to the dock ... all without getting wet.

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