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Review of risk management and safety in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors

New Zealand's adventure tourism safety record is again in the spotlight, with UK family members of tourists who lost their lives in accidents starting a group demanding changes. There is a review underway and it may be appropriate for WNZ to engage in this (unfortunately the closing date for submissions has passed - but we will follow up and also monitor the outcomes). Windsurfing has a good safety record, deaths and incidents tend to be incidental rather than directly attributable to the sport, however one area of potential interest for us is that of instruction and schools. The WNZ Instructor training scheme, and the soon to be reinstated school certification could be affected by this review.

Information for respondents to the questionnaires
Background to the review

On 16 September 2009, the Prime Minister wrote to the Minister of Labour expressing concern about a number of incidents in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors, including the tragic death of the young British backpacker, Emily Jordan. The Prime Minister noted public concerns about the various regulatory regimes governing these activities in New Zealand.

The Prime Minister advised the Minister of Labour that he would like the Department of Labour to lead a cross departmental group to investigate and report back on the current situation and ways of improving risk management and safety in the sector. He requested a report on the group’s findings and suggestions from the Minister on any changes she considers necessary to improve risk management and safety in the sector.
Purpose of the review

The purposes of the review are to determine whether, and in what way, it would be appropriate to make changes to the safety management framework applicable to the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors in New Zealand to reduce accidents and fatalities in the sectors and to ensure that New Zealand continues to be perceived as a quality destination for international visitors.
The questionnaires

Two questionnaires have been distributed for the review:

* One for adventure and outdoor commercial sector operators, associations and organisations. This form is not for individuals.
* One for individuals such as academics and staff of adventure and outdoor commercial sector businesses. This form is not for operators, associations or other organisations.

Please make sure that you have the correct questionnaire. If you do not have the correct questionnaire, please contact David Mulholland by phone at 04 915 4158 or by email at
How responses will be used

Responses to the questionnaires will be analysed. The findings of that analysis will then be used to inform the development of the problem definition for the review and options and recommendations for the Minister of Labour.
Returning the questionnaires
Please send your completed questionnaire to (preferred) or post it to: David Mulholland, Project Manager, Workplace Health and Safety Policy, Department of Labour, PO Box 3705, Wellington by 5pm, Wednesday 16 December 2009.

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