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Reintroducing Windsurf Schools Affiliation Scheme. 2010

To all New Zealand windsurfing schools,

As I hope you are aware, after a long quiet period Windsurfing New Zealand has sprung back into life in the last year and is now reviving as a strong national sports body.

WNZ Developments.

The website has been reformed and updated and now provides a really dynamic forum for the sport and a useful tool for people wanting to get into the sport. Check it out at WNZ Instruction materials have all been updated and we have revised the Basic Instructors Course, 2 very successful courses were held Oct 09, and two more are planned for March 2010. The next level course –Progressive Coaches Course (ie short board instructor) is being revised and there are courses planned for Sept 2010 in both Christchurch and Auckland. Updated lists of schools and rental facilities have been produced and have been used to provide information to a lot of enquiries through WNZ, many of which have been generated from the new website. There are now 7 windsurf clubs operating again throughout the country as opposed to 3 a couple of years back. In addition WNZ has held some high level talks with YNZ this year about the development of windsurfing in Yacht Clubs. YNZ are now encouraging their local yacht clubs to purchase Techno boards and to promote windsurfing as well as sailing. YNZ are supporting the WNZ Instruction scheme and are encouraging some of their coaches to become WNZ qualified or to use WNZ Instructors. This is very much to provide a different focus to kids coming through the yacht clubs as opposed to in any way trying to compete with existing windsurf schools.

Windsurf Schools Affiliation to WNZ

This brings us to the position of windsurf schools and WNZ. We would like windsurf schools to once again be meeting a national standard of safety and teaching standards. We feel this is necessary in these days of legal liability and desirable in terms of pooling our efforts for promotional work. In the past WNZ provided a list of minimum standards which WNZ accredited schools were required to meet, a small affiliation fee was charged and then WNZ proudly promoted these schools. We would like to return to this system and we hope you will agree to be part of it. We obviously have an important promotional tool in our new website. This year as an interim measure and to show good faith we have been happy to list all schools we have known about. However, from next years sailing season Sept 2010 we will only be promoting affiliated schools, ie those which come up to our agreed minimum standard.

Your involvement in setting the national standards and preparing for this.

We would like YOU to be involved in agreeing those standards. I have attached here the previous standards for you to consider. For the first year back we would like to put the affiliation fees at $125 the same as it was several years ago. If you have any feedback on the standards in general or specific items please let us know. Otherwise you may want to use these standards to start preparing your school to ensure you meet the standards next year. One item in particular to consider is the fact that all instructors should have valid current qualifications. We know that a lot of NZ instructors qualifications have now expired. We have enclosed information about how instructors can revalidate which includes the possibility of doing this at one of the Basic Instructors Courses (Auckland/Christchurch) this March or through taking the next level course Progressive Coaches Course next Sept.

Feedback please !

We would appreciate your thoughts and contributions to the development of WNZ in general; the WNZ Instruction scheme; the new website; as well as your direct feedback about the schools affiliation and national standards proposals. We do hope you decide to join us as part of the windsurfing revival in NZ.

Wishing you all the best for a great year,

Bruce Spedding, WNZ President .
Sue Bradley, WNZ Instruction Co-ordinator.

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