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Recommendations for accommodation, hire and tuition

An intending visitor from overseas (female) is looking for accommodation and hire (message follows). If you have suggestions, commercial or otherwise please let me know (contact) . If I get enough information I'll compile it on to the site? Maybe we could set up a network of people willing to privately host visitors (by arrangement) and introduce them to an area, maybe lend or hire gear etc.?

------------ enquiry ---------------
I’m from South Wales in the UK and I am looking for a windsurf holiday in NZ – sailed since the 80s but haven’t done much for the last decade or so. I was looking at a windsurf holiday in Dahab, Egypt to get back into it before I am so decrepit I can’t stand on the board but also want to visit a friend who moved to NZ about 15 years ago and she lives in the Wellington area (forget the address as we normally correspond via e-mail). So thought I might be able to combine the two.

Level is probably low intermediate now but looking to get back into waterstarts and moving up from very poor gybes but good tacks. No problem in harness and fitness levels being worked on. It will be a solo trip so ‘thought I would like a windsurf holiday where the accommodation and board hire is provided – hopefully that way there will be some company to discuss aching arms and how I somersaulted over the mast with ..............Really looking for shallow water, good rescue facilities and clean wind (not really up to waves anymore) but chop not a problem.

Spotted your e-mail address on one of the sites and thought you might be able to help with some ideas? Any suggestions of contacts /areas gratefully received... and warm water would be a bonus.

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