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Queenstown Downwinder

Saturday, April 2, 2011 - 12:00 - 20:00

Long distance downwind race - start training (its different from your normal sailing)
We really hope that you can join us as its been such a fun event. Word of warning though... it is weather dependent.. at the moment next weekend is not looking too good... obviously things can change heaps in a week so we'll keep our fingers and toes crossed, but if you're thinking of booking accomodation you may want to see if you can make a provisional booking. If at all poss we want to go for the NW Glenorchy option so if its not looking good by Thurs for this weekend we'll postpone.... so watch out for your emails or text us Thurs night for confirmation (or looking at Met service forecast will give you a good idea) Bec 0273294714 or Sue 027 640 8596. If we do have to postpone the following weekend near the equinox so should have a good chance. We'll send out an email either way Thurs night.


8pm. Brazz on the Green for food/drinks social. Pre event get together for anyone who is in town early.


12 noon meet at Glenorchy, warm up/ sausage sizzle/ go out for a sail and work out what size you'll need.

12.30-1.30 registration back at the beach. You'll need $25 registration / club members free. We'll want details of identifying features for you and your sail/ gear and a name of a buddy you'll be sailing with (or we'll allocate one to you).

1.30 Briefing.

2 pm. Horns /Hooters/ Screams will announce ' we are off ' ! Start will be from the beach. Kiters will start upwind of the windsurfers.

2-3 ish. Sailors/riders will be heading down the way with huge grins on their faces supported by the rescue crew towards the end point of the access road from the main Glenorchy Rd to the beach opposite Pigeon Island. (Detailed map available at registration). Approx 12 kms direct.

3ish. Sailors/Riders will be met by the welcoming gang at the finish point. Your names will be taken, at which point its OK to go back on the water and free sail if you wish until the others are finished. Check your buddy is OK… if not tell us ! Transport will then take you and your gear back to your cars at Glenorchy.

5 ish onwards. Prize Giving and spot prizes (worth lots of money!) donated by our kind supporters at the Glenorchy Hotel. You will be given your " I did it !" certificate !

Glenorchy Hotel are kindly offering free use of their showers.


Pizza/Dinner at the famous yummy Glenorchy Café, and then back to the Glenorchy Hotel to socialize the night away!

Anyone who wants to stay the night can get rooms at the Glenorchy Hotel, cabins/tent sites at the camp ground, or rooms at a local motel.


1. Registration fee of $25 for non club members (or club membership is $25). This is to cover safety boats, transport, event costs etc. Your registration form will need details of your sail colours and other distinguishing features and you will be required to sign a disclaimer. There will be a minimum of 3 safety boats, including the local coastguard.

2. For safety purposes you will be asked to register with a buddy of a similar level (or small group) so that you can keep an eye out for each other. Or if you come alone you will be allocated a buddy.

3. The club expect a minimum level of ability; windsurfers, waterstart and gybe; kiters, experience of sailing downwind in sole control.

4. The club recommend that you wear life jackets/vests or other suitable buoyancy and a helmet and insist that you wear a wetsuit and conduct yourself on the water in a safe cautious manner at all times.


If it isn't suitable we will be aiming to repeat the same timings and plan for the following weekend.

How about inviting some friends to come along too ? We are very keen to get more volunteers on board so please look at the notice below and pass on to friends who may be interested.... Many thanks, Sue and Becs

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