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Plimmerton Boating Club is looking for gear and support to get youth windsurfing started.

Plimmerton Boating Club is looking to get a kid/youth windsurfing programme going alongside its Opti sailing lessons which cost members only $30 for every Wednesday evening 5-7.30pm during daylight saving months, tends to be kids from 8-10 upwards. We are in the process of putting together gear lists and developing grant funding proposals.

Roughly aiming to have around 6+ beginner boards at the club. We will probably get the boards and some kids rigs new but I'm also seeing if we can round up some reasonable learner rigs (around 4-5m) from disused gear that I know (like mine) is sitting in your garage and you're just not quite ready to throw it out. As the programme progresses we hope to get a race fleet going in the Wellington region that could involve other clubs like Worser and Muritai using Bic Tecno RS-X and the like.

I know a few crusty windsurfers like me with kids coming though (Magnus, Chris, Diggers, you know who you are) and it would be good to see local community kids and schools get into it. They love watching us out on the Plimmi bar but think it is inaccessible to them. Wellington has always had the problem where the few awesome race sailers we produce have to go somewhere else if they want to do it seriously.

SPARC and Yachting NZ has realised that if we want medals, Windsurfing is one of our best performing sports. Tauranga recently got a programme going and I see they had their homegrown legend TimHax down to inspire their youth. Dave of WildWinds is in the loop on this. Tell me what you think; let me know if you have reasonable gear (lightness will be paramount)

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