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Severne NZ Windsurfing Slalom nationals and Oceanic Slalom Championships day 2 results - stronger winds test competitors

Day 2 saw stronger winds averaging probably around 20-25 knots and gusting 30 or more. In the morning round the winds were lighter and steadier making ideal conditions for 6-7m sailing and gybes were smooth. Later in the day the wind built (and built) until most were sailing 6m or less and some were down to the low 4m sails. The results changed accordingly as those sailors more used to the higher winds and difficult conditions started to move up the placings as completed gybes became more important than passing on the runs. Course map and results are attached below.

With 18 rounds completed (9 for the silver fleet) the discards are having an impact, so the results listed are not necessarily the actual current placings as sailors can discard their worst results. This allowed some to abandon heats when the conditions were too extreme. Sailors in the slalom42 category were tested as they were restricted to the 2 boards and 4 sails nominated at the start of the event. The conditions on Wednesday were outside the wind range some had allowed for and they were forced to sail overpowered or sit it out.

This event is being superbly run by the team from Dunedin Windsurfing Assn. and made possible by the sponsors:
Severne, Rodgers Dental, Lund Construction and
Watercooled Sports, C3, DB - Export 33, Gaastra NZ - AND Distribution, Colgate, Filidelfio's Restaurant & Bar, Ironic Cafe' & Bar, Northern Southland Transport, Adventure Outfitters, Monogram House

The map below shows an actual GPS track of the course, showing a windsurfer starting out from the club house, sailing up the course, waiting for the start and then competing down the zig-zag course. The colours represent speed (yellow 30-40kph, orange 40-50) and shows the wind was not straight down the course, making alternate legs more upwind, the rest broad reaching (note - this is the slower track from a silver fleet sailor, speeds for many sailors were probably a lot higher ;^). Course length is about 2.7 km.

Note: results do not show discards which will change the order...

results_day2_2011_wnz.pdf123.34 KB

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