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Notice of Race and Race instructions and entry form

Windsurfing New Zealand has an insurance policy that provides cover for liability arising from accidents at events. But for this insurance policy to apply to the event that you are organising, your event must be officially sanctioned by Windsurfing New Zealand. It also requires for you as organiser, to ensure that thorough risk management is implemented at your event.

For non competitive events such as swap meets, clean ups, demo days etc, you just need to write to WNZ with the details of the event. WNZ will then confirm the event is sanctioned. WNZ may ask for you to prepare a risk management plan if your non competitive event is large of has high risks associated with it.

For competitive events, there are a few formalities to comply with in order to become a WNZ sanctioned event. These formalities help explain information to people looking to enter the event and explain more details to competitors. The benefit of following this process is that your event will have a professional feel to it, competitors feel comfortable that the event will be fun and safe (especially parents of children that enter) and the WNZ insurance policy will provide the peace of mind that, in the event of an unlikely incident, you will not be out of pocket.

The forms that you need to prepare are the Notice of Race, the Race instructions and Entry Form. For large events or events that may pose greater risks than normal, a Risk Management plan may also need to be prepared. WNZ will help you in completing these forms. WNZ may require these forms to include certain information. This is explained below.

If you want your event to be sanctioned by WNZ, we recommend that you do not announce the event that you are running until you have discussed the event with WNZ: just in case the risks of running your event are so great that the insurance policy is not going to be able to extend to the cover your event. Eg a race between New Zealand and Australia. Obviously an extreme example but you get the drift.

For sanctioned competitive events, all competitors must be a member of WNZ or one of one of the affiliated clubs.

1. The Notice of Race (NOR)

The NOR is a document that officially announces the event to potential participants. It includes preliminary information about the event. It also includes information about important event safety matters. This allows people to determine if they should enter and whether the event is suitable for them to enter. The NOR should be published at least one month before the event. You need to send a draft NOR to WNZ at least two months before the event so that WNZ can work with you to help finalise the NOR.

The NOR must include information under at least the following headings:

  1. Name of the event
    Name of the organiser or host club
    Start and end date of the event and daily schedule
    Location of the event
    Details about nature of the event (slalom, long distance, freestyle) and class or gear restrictions.
    Open and close of entry period
    Entry fee (if any)
    How to enter.

Depending on the event, other information should also be included. For example for competitive events the NOR needs to inform participants that they must be a member of WNZ or an affiliated club. WNZ will help you complete the NOR.

To help you design your NOR, examples of previous NORs can be found here.
Wave Sailing NoR
Freestyle NoR
Slalom NoR

2. Race Instructions

The race instructions need to set out more detail about the event for competitors and volunteers. This document should be published at least 1 week before the event. Here are some examples of RI's that have been used previously:

The race instructions must include safety information for competitors in the form of a safety notice. There are two parts to the safety notice.

The first part is the general safery notice. This may be provided as a separate page to your general race instructions. A copy of this can be downloaded here.

The second part is the event specific safety notice. It relates to site specific risks that competitors may encounter and how on the water safety procedures will be implemented. This part of the safety notice may be incorporated throughout the race instructions or may also be provided on a separate page.

The sample Race Instructions will provide a good starting point but you should also read the Risk Management section to see if you need to include more event specific safety notices in the Race Instructions and/or prepare a separate Risk Management Plan.

You need to send a draft of your Race Instructions (including the safety notices) to WNZ at least two months before the event so that WNZ can work with you to make any changes and to then confirm that WNZ will sanction the event.

You will need to repeat all the event specific safety information at the skippers meeting at the start of the event. You may also be asked by WNZ to provide a daily safety briefing to notify each competitor and volunteer of daily safety related information (eg daily weather and condition information).

3. Entry form

Sample entry forms can be found here.

For competitive events, all participants must be a member of WNZ or one of one of the affiliated clubs. A list of clubs can be found here.

You may choose to allow participants to sign up as a member on or before the start of the event. But not after. Bare this in mind when designing your entry form.

The entry form must also include a waiver and acknowledgment. This must read as follows:

“I acknowledge that windsurfing is a sport that has associated risks, both on and off the water. I acknowledge that I will participate in this event and all associated activities solely in reliance on my own judgment. I hereby waive any rights I may have against the event organisers, Windsurfing New Zealand Inc and anyone else involved in the promotion, administration and participants of the event, and I acknowledge that they shall have no liability for any personal or property damage I may sustain during or in connection with the event. By entering this event I confirm that I will follow directions of the event organisers.”

If any event participants are going to be under 18 years of age, the entry form must include a place for a parent of the participant to sign and date. Immediately above the sign-off the following text needs to appear:

"I am the parent of the person who is to participate in this event and understand that by signing this form, I agree to the waiver and acknowledge that, which is mentioned above"

All participants (and parent where appropriate) must sign the entry form as a confirmation of acceptance of the waiver. These entry forms must be kept by the event organiser for at least 12 months after the event.

4. General risk management plan

For large events or events where certain risks are high, you may also be asked to complete a general risk management plan. This is separate from the safety notices for competitors. This relates to risk and risk management of non participants (eg spectators, proximate properties etc). This plan helps bring all volunteers and others involved in running the event on the same page.

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