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NEXTFINAL - NZ software designed for NZ events being piloted by NZ windsurfers

Windsurfing NZ members piloting NEXTFINAL
a software solution which makes sport competition events
easier to manage and more engaging to follow

The article is written by Andrew Konstantinov. He is a software engineer, when at work, and is a
windsurfer, when in the water.
First of all, I would like to say “Big Thank You” to Josh Dalley, Laurence Carey and Bruce Spedding
for providing the continuous feedback and sharing insights on how the ideal solution for
windsurfing competitions might / should look like. This feedback allowed us to shape the basics of
the software, which we believe will scale really well to accommodate a variety of workflows and
specific competition rules, as well as future developments.

NEXTFINAL will be piloted this season at various windsurfing competitions. There are people
supporting this activity in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The development team will
observe and tune the system during Saturday races at Naval Point in Christchurch.
The general availability of the initial version of the NEXTFINAL application is planned for mid-end of
October. Sign-up to the website in order to receive updates by email.

Make sure NEXTFINAL is the best fit for running windsurfing competitions and stable solution to
support large scale events, like Waterbourne and Slalom Nationals.
Competition event organisers and event participants, who reviewed the software demo, suggested
to start working with Windsurfing NZ and make the NEXTFINAL as a standard to run windsurfing
competitions in New Zealand. We will be working to achieve this goal as well.

In short, NEXTFINAL makes sport competition events easier to manage and more engaging to
follow. Let me unfold in details how it helps to achieve this outcome.

All competition data in one place
Flexibility to suit your event ...
... and simple to be usable
Automated registrations
Automated fleets from registrations data
Registrations verification
Safety tracking
Heats schedules
Scores recording, automated results and ranking
Real-time data publishing
Works offline

Full article with details go to

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