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News from the world of windsurfing

Collected together in this section are news and articles from the world of windsurfing and beyond. Some are hosted on this site, some are posted on other websites and linked from here. If you have a news item you'd like to submit, or a news feed (RSS) that you think would be good to show here, or a correction to something you've seen posted then let us know.

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New Zealand / WNZ News


A compilation of windsurfing news and events for all disciplines around the world


Will be held on Sunday February 2nd 2003 6.30pm at the Muritai Yacht Club, Eastbourne ,Wellington.


From February 2-6 2003 the Race Nationals will be held in Eastbourne, Wellington. Event details, registration form, accommodation etc. are all available.


A Nelson kite-surfer was knocked unconscious when he was dragged up an Atawhai shore and smashed into a parked car.


The National Formula and NSW Formula Slalom event details are available


Council supported the proposal from the Windsurfing Committee to hold



Meeting of Windsurfing New Zealand.

Victoria Cruising Club, Auckland.

November 7 2002. @ 5.43 p.m.


Auckland - Kitesurf, windsurf and kayak gear, seminars


Bruce Kendall provides comment on race starting issues in Scuttlebutt, a digest of yachting news


Taranaki Coast Oct 24-28 (labour weekend)

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