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News from the world of windsurfing

Collected together in this section are news and articles from the world of windsurfing and beyond. Some are hosted on this site, some are posted on other websites and linked from here. If you have a news item you'd like to submit, or a news feed (RSS) that you think would be good to show here, or a correction to something you've seen posted then let us know.

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New Zealand / WNZ News


MetService marine forecasters have issued warnings of heavy on-shore swells along the East Coast from Canterbury to Gisborne, and for the Wellington South Coast. Waves over 6 metres are expected to wash onto these regions by high tide...


Final Report: Kevin Pritchard wins the EC Porto Santo/Madeira


2003 PWA CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - key issues and other news.
The Olympic windsurfing equipment should change for 2008 , the majority of the brands want tight measurement tolerances to be established (not a One-Design Class) and the...


At the end of day 2 Arnon Dagan wins two races and attacks the Leader Kevin Pritchard


Nine people drowned in New Zealand during March taking the drowning total for the first three months of 2003 to 37.


Two visistors have had gear stolen recently, please read their stories and keep a watch out for their stuff


A comment from Kimberly Birkenfeld who has perhaps made the 'ultimate sacrifice' for her sport.


Only a few days to go for the kick-off event of the 2003 Windsurfing Euro-Cup season. The first event will take place on the small island of Porto Santo that belongs to the Madeira Archipel (Portugal).


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