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National Windsurfing Slalom Series another success story

The National Slalom competition in Dunedin last week was an unqualified success, with around 50 competitors, close racing and good media coverage including TV ensuring high visibility. Well done to the organisers and all the competitors for making it so great! Coverage on TV3 was unprecedented for windsurfing over recent years, and the local press gave good coverage:

Results from the Windsurf Slalom Nationals in Dunedin
Open Men;
1st Gareth Wood
2nd Laurence Carey
3rd Dan Meehan
4th Luke Watson
5th Terry Beentjes
6th Anton Blijlevens
7th Paul Vlietstra
8th Chris Dimock
9th Harry Reed
10th Simon Hall
11th Tom McGregor
12th Dan Willemse
13th Jack Holliday
14th Nathan Taylor
15th Graeme Evans
16th Durham Throp
17th Taylor Boyd
18th Terry Alkemade
19th Allan Taylor
20th Aki Shimuzi
21st Daniel Thomas
22nd James Nind
23rd Colin Lumb

Open Women;
1st Annie Crombie
2nd Sue Bradley
3rd Lucy Waters
4th Jodi Taylor
5th Rachel Low
6th Xanthe Bowater
7th Barbara Vlietstra
8th LeeAnne Mabin

Junior Men (U20);
1st Laurence Carey
2nd Tom McGregor
3rd Taylor Boyd

Masters Men (35+);
1st Luke Watson
2nd Anton Bjilevens
3rd Dan Willemse
4th Nathan Taylor
5th Durham Throp
6th Aki Shimuzi
7th Daniel Thomas
8th Colin Lumb

Grand Masters Men (45+);
1st Terry Beentjes
2nd Paul Vlietstra
3rd Terry Alkemade
4th Allan Taylor

Veteran Men (55+);
1st Simon Hall
2nd Graeme Evans

Junior Women (U20);
1st Xanthe Bowater

Masters Women (30+);
1st Lucy Waters

Grand Masters Women (40+)
1st Annie Crombie
2nd Jodi Taylor
3rd Rachel Low
4th LeeAnn Mabin

Veteran Women (50+)
1st Sue Bradley
2nd Barbara Vlietstra

Silver Fleet;
1st Jim Rodgers
2nd Aaron Kitto
3rd Russell Lund
4th Des Cowley
5th Bruce Spedding
6th George Cooper
7th Mark McGregor
8th Roger Smith
9th Bernard Carey
10th Joe McGregor
11th Nigel Robinson
12th Chris Gavan
13th Greg Bowater
14th Bruce Hodgson

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