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Mission Bay Watersports is looking for windsurfer and kayak instructors

Mission Bay Watersports has had a presence on the beach for the last 30 years, a wonderful sandy location near Auckland City centre. For the last 12 years the centre has been run by Ryan Pausina, NZ Windsurf Champion 1998. This year Anton Ashcroft, who has been teaching windsurfing for twenty years, also joins the team.

The bay is great for learning and teaching, with consistent winds which pick up in the summer afternoons. The new season is on its way, and the team are looking for windsurfer and kayak instructors to help teach schools and private individuals on the beach. We have a simulator for dry land instruction and a double windsurfer to help teach skills on the water. The season kicks off about mid November, and goes through until about April, or longer if the weather is good!

There is one full time management position for someone with windsurfing/kayaking instructor experience, as well as a boatmaster qualification and first aide certificate. There are also several casual jobs available to help out when the bookings are busy. If you are a windsurfer without a qualification, but are keen to teach, then why not check out the WindsurfingNZ training courses. We would be happy to take on anyone who has just qualified- Then maybe you could be spending your summer earning money on the beach!!

For more information please call Anton on 021-686-735.

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