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Men's RS:X sailors raise concerns about showcasing over fair competition at Perth Worlds

Petition against CENTRE Course: RS:X Men, Perth 2011 ISAF World Championships

Attention ISAF; the organising committee of the Perth 2011 World Championship; and all parties concerned:

We appreciate that visually the RS:X is one of the most attractive classes, and that ISAF's intention is to showcase said attractiveness mainly on the "Centre" course for all the world to see (let it be noted that very few members of the public have actually been watching the racing). However the manner and frequency with which this course area is intended to be used creates a raft of issues, safety concerns, injustices and unfairness that straddle the line between the non-sensical and the farcical.

The "Centre" course, particularly for RS:X's is an unacceptable course to race on, one that is not conducive to a good and fair World Championship. The main issues with this course are:
the vast concentration of weed on the course. (The organising committee had stated that the weed would be cleared by trawler. This has not been done to a sufficient standard, as evidenced by the RS:X Women’s racing).
the backwash of the waves from the rock-walls, makes sailing in above 15 knots very dangerous as it causes loss of control at speed because of the irregular wave pattern produced - a very real danger that has caused many collisions these past few weeks;

the rock-walls mean that boats will not be able to sail to the lay-lines from the start (as seen during racing in the first week).

Further still, these factors combined all produce some very unfair racing circumstances that one would not ordinarily associate with the importance and calibre of a World Championship regatta.

We understand that it would be nice to have he RS:X class on the “Centre” course, it is however our firm belief that ISAF should showcase the other classes on this course throughout the regatta and that the RS:X spend no more than two days there.

We as the RS:X class and the RS:X sailors are strongly opposed to racing on the “Centre” course for the majority of the World Championship. It is kindly requested that ISAF and the 2011 Perth organising committee alter their position on this matter.

Let us not forget one of ISAF's underlying principles: "[to govern the sport of sailing and provide fair competitive racing.]"

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