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Laurence in Curcao - reports from the IFCA World Championships

Curacao:WindGuru+Forecast+Live Video+Time (16 hours behind NZ)
25 April 2011:On the final day the expected 20knots didn't arrive unfortunately, so there was no more racing! I ended up coming 7th which I'm rather happy with. The masters unfortunately couldn't do there final due to a lack of wind so there was six winners! Epic experience, and thankyou all so much for the support, and helping me get here! Next year in turkey I think more kiwis need to go and iv got great news for the worlds in 2 years... But you'll have to wait till I get back. Once again thankyou so much. Holla

22 April 2011: [Org] Still no official IFCA races today due to lack of wind. We were able to hold a funrace. All competitors were asked to participate, and it was a surprise that there were approximately 70 contestants. Everybody is eager to go surfing!

Live video (remember time difference!) - scroll down for earlier reports
Watch live streaming video from curacaochallenge2011 at

21 April 2011: [Org] Still no races. The wind-gods still must be sleeping. Meanwhile some competitors got their freestyle set and got behind the jet-ski for a real show right in front of the beach! Pictures coming soon!
[L] Wind looks good for tomorrow and weekend... Here's hoping, although the bikini display today was ok also...

20 April 2011: [Org] Awaiting first heat due to lack of wind! Livestream is up and running. We will be figuring out what the best position is for the cam. This mostly depends on how the course is laid out due to wind direction.

19 April 2011: [L] Hay guys if you you want to watch any racing watch it on the curaƧao challenge website. It's free and it's live!! Had a good sail today and used a gps which was a bit of fun, but still not very windy! Looks like the wind will increase by weekend, here's hoping as the Dutch/French have 9.5m sails!!

17 April 2011: Had my first sail today, marginal wind but good to finally get on the water ...

16 April 2011: Finally here after 41hours with 4 hours sleep. Had a good look at location yesterday, which looks sick!! When I got home however I fully coma'd on the couch! Looks like good wind today, but very little expected till Monday. What are the chances!!! Also met an 11 year world freestyle champion, who can do everything, double flakas, ponch, goyta!
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