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Last Paradise now screening around New Zealand - includes early NZ windsurfing

An ECO-ADVENTURE film, 45 years in the making.
In the beautiful wilderness of New Zealand, when necessity was the mother of invention, a maverick bunch of kids had a dream that would change the world. In 45 years of stunning original footage we experience first-hand the adventures of early adrenaline seekers and join them on the roads less travelled to discover the world's secret paradises.

Last Paradise is the untold story of extreme sports innovation from its comical beginnings to the cutting edge of what it is today. Between the lines is a shocking revelation of a wilderness lost, but through the same story we discover a science to save it.

Starring A.J. Hackett, Allan Byrne, Ton Deken, Kristin Boese, Sky Solbach, Dave Smithers, Jeff Campbell.


You can also arrange for a screening yourself - go to or contact

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