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Last few days for early bird registration for National Slaloms

If you haven't registered by the end of December the price goes up and the goodies go down. "No Exceptions"
We need to know the number attending so that we can organise it properly. Too many times we have struggled with only having 15 or so entries right up until the last week or so which leaves the organisers in a huge panic trying to sort out entry packs and trophies and meal table bookings etc etc etc.

So it has to stop and this is the way we stop it because if entries still
come in late not only will they pay more to enter they will miss out on some
of the goodies in the early entry bag. Bags will be stickered with "Early",
"Late" and "On the day" stickers so that those (like yourself) that have
entered early not only get the benefit of the cheaper price but also get the
full pack :-)

Sorry but if we have an exception for one then we would have to do the same
for others and we can't do that.

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