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Ken Kingsbury - windsurfer and innovator, still going strong

Ken Kingsbury, former Rotorua windsurfing school operator, WNZ Chief Instructor and inventor of the ZUD (Zero Unecessary Deflection) windsurfer, KIWISI windsurfing simulator and the Grasshopper land windsurfing board - and probably many other things, is still active in Rarotonga where he went to set up a windsurfing school and has continued to innovate. A recent email from Ken describes his latest invention, the Terddlecat.

Ken was well known for his windsurfing school on the shores of Lake Rotorua and for training many windsurfing instructors including myself. He developed the KIWISI, a windsurfing simulator which takes conventional windsurfer and allows it to be used on land in a highly natural way. The KIWISI can also be folded up into a bag and carried in a car boot.

The Grasshopper is an oversized 3 wheeled landboard which takes a standard windsurfing rig, and its small bicycle style wheels make it suitable for hard surfaces and rolling ground. Steering is 'skateboard' style.

The ZUD has been ahead of its time, Ken has developed many prototypes of this board which preceeded modern wide boards in its innovation, and is still unique with its squared off chisel like nose. Ken has circumnavigated Rarotongas main island on ths board.

Since moving to Raro Ken has been working at several new designs, including a solar powered jet boat and a novel paddle craft which he has just moved to a new stage with his latest design.

So, the message from Ken (and the website with his latest project):

Hello all our patient friends,
Most of you will have given up expecting letters from us and I apologise if you wrote last. By way of a more general apology I will give you this website, in case you havn't already visited it, as it will explain the preoccupation that has made me so unsociable recently.

I still intend to try to catch up with most of you (but you know what they say about good intentions). Anyway Elizabeth and I are still alive and keeping mostly well and still enoy any contact we get with old friends. We hope things are going well with all of you. Ken.

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