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Investment in Outdoor Recreation - the next step for Windsurfing NZ

What outcomes are being sought?
SPARC is seeking applications that will ultimately lead to increased long-term participation by young people, through:
1. improving organisational capability that leads to more effective service delivery;
2. improving national leadership to better co-ordinate delivery of outdoor recreation;
3. developing skills and knowledge to participate in outdoor recreation, by deliverers of opportunities.
SPARC is not seeking proposals to create more participation opportunities, unless they address at least one of the three outcomes referred to above. Read on ...

Windsurfing NZ has had an initial draft (2 page) proposal accepted, so now the real work starts. This is a huge opportunity to get some real traction at the youth level, but there will be stiff competition and will have to make a good case. We will be contacting all the clubs very soon, and other individuals we think can help, but anyone interested in contributing, seeing the proposal and other documents, commenting etc. in any way please get in touch with Bruce Spedding In particular indications of support from other organisations will be important - including yacht clubs interested in developing windsurfing as an option for their members.

"All applications will be considered by a panel of SPARC officials. The Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Recreation Council (the Council) will not be involved in the decision-making process.

As the contestable investment fund is oversubscribed, this invitation to participate in the next stage of the contestable investment process is not a guarantee of investment from SPARC in 2010/2011.

Please ensure your application specifically addresses the following:

1. Please explain how this initiative aligns with Yachting NZ’s national strategy and what contribution they are making.

2. How relevant is windsurfing with the introduction of activities such as kite surfing? What relationship if any does kite surfing have with this initiative?

Please direct any questions you may have regarding the application form or matters referred to above to me. Please do not engage in discussions, negotiations or meetings with either SPARC staff or members of the Council regarding the detail of your application during this phase of the process.

You may be invited to present your application to the SPARC panel once all applications have been received."

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