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Initial meeting with Yachting New Zealand 9 October 2009

Developing Windsurfing Further in NZ
Friday 9th October
12pm – 7pm
Yachting New Zealand (85 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven, Auckland)

Present: Andrew Clouston, Tom Ashley, Janet Watkins, Rob Hielkema, Pete Smith, Anton Blijlevens, Bruce Spedding, Andrea Bowater, Justina Sellars, Dave Mackay, Bruce Kendall, Paul McKenzie, Janine Williams, Natalia Kosinska, Des Brennan, Alan McIntosh

Apologies: Chris Wood

YNZ / WNZ Relationship

WNZ are looking to encourage the formation of new windsurfing clubs who could run their own sailing and allow WNZ to operate more as a national body instead of a big national club which is currently the case.

WNZ would like to be able to offer their clubs a package that includes, guidelines, public liability insurance and risk management documentation.

WNZ is a Class Association member of YNZ. This entitles them to:
· Use of the Yachting New Zealand Racing Rules of Sailing and prescriptions, and access to the Yachting New Zealand administered appeals process
· If your Class Association qualifies as a National or International Class Association, you are entitled to hold ‘National Class Championships’, and name the winner the New Zealand Champion in your class
· As a Yachting New Zealand affiliated Class, you are invited to utilise Yachting New Zealand’s Programmes, Products and Services – including National training schemes – such as the ‘Learn to…’ series, and coach training, Race Management - including National Race Officers, race management training, and event management packs
· Yachting New Zealand’s staff are available to you for guidance and training
· Voting rights at the Yachting New Zealand Annual General Meeting on any issues pertaining to class associations
· A ‘subsite’ hosted free of charge on
· Your Class contact information promoted on
· Each year, Yachting New Zealand will forward you a copy of the Yachting New Zealand Annual Report and Financial Statements

WNZ creates channels/pathways into all the other disciplines of windsurfing (not just Olympic racing)

Windsurfing Development Officer Position

Bruce Kendall discussed his paper and proposal that a Windsurfing Development Officer type role be created. There needs to be a key person to drive windsurfing development.

The meeting was in agreement that this position would be very beneficial; it would provide back up for clubs and create a dedicated force to get more people into windsurfing.

A number of options were discussed about how this would be managed including the position being managed solely by YNZ and the position being managed by a group of people comprising YNZ, WNZ and the RSX/Techno Class Associations.

Funding this position will be an issue.

Andrew Clouston was supportive of this initiative but was also keen to see other options explored also taking a varied approach to developing windsurfing. There are things that can be done now that there is resource available for, and implementing a new position will take time.

Where to get sailors from

o Target young people (and include their parents)
o Use YNZ’s Sailing... Have a Go! Programme if possible
o Sailors currently sailing at yacht clubs
o Windsurfing schools
o Schools

What to teach

Bruce Kendall presented a paper with a four level approach to windsurfing instruction covering learn to windsurf up to a fairly advanced level as a template clubs could follow or YNZ could use to create a national programme.

There was a consensus from the meeting that learning needed to be kept simple.

YNZ will incorporate information on learning to windsurf into the YNZ Learn to Sail programme as well as look to create a learn to windsurf booklet (possibly in conjunction with WNZ).

Where a club is not resourced to offer learn to windsurf classes they should link with a local windsurf school and then once the sailors have reached a suitable level of competency they should come back to the yacht club to work on their racing skills.

It was agreed that all parties should be recommending similar equipment for people to purchase when learning so that we can build a mass of similar equipment. It was agreed that the board should be a Bic Techno, and the sail should be a 4.5m rig (any brand, a semi soft sail would be better for learners).


There needs to be a clear and visible pathway for windsurfing that links into the current sailing pathway that shows how you can progress through the various classes and forms of windsurfing and how this lines up with the dinghy classes.

Windsurfing Instructors

WNZ run instructor courses. The basic instructor course is a 2 day course which is closely modelled on the RYA system. These can be run on demand if there are enough people and it costs $350. YNZ can promote these courses to yacht clubs to help build a base of yacht club based instructors.

General Discussion

There needs to be promotion of windsurfing as a sport, events that are happening and the opportunities people have within the sport. This can be done on multiple levels including YNZ, WNZ, yacht clubs and windsurfing schools.

Promotional opportunities include:

· An event in conjunction with the launch of the new TYPBC Technos (2/3rd Dec) – TV, Radio, Print. Include the likes of Tom Ashley, Bruce Kendall, Barbara Kendall, etc with endorsement and support from YNZ

· A national windsurfing week
· Week long camps
· Promote youth activities

Yacht clubs need to be educated on how to deal with windsurfers including:

· How to rescue windsurfers
· How to run races for windsurfers (For now getting clubs to run windward leeward races for boards is the priority)
· Later on, how to run slalom racing and other forms of windsurfing

A target should be set on how many more sailors we want windsurfing, there were 26 sailors at this year’s Techno Nationals, and this could be a base figure.

There are some great Techno videos on YouTube, especially ones of the Techno World Championships with 100’s of boards.

Where to from the meeting:

· Promotional push
o Press Release
o Event in conjunction with the launch of the new TYPBC Technos (2/3rd Dec)
· Develop a Yacht Club Approach to Learn to Windsurf
o Educate clubs on including windsurfing
o Help clubs link with local windsurfing schools (open communication lines)
o Include windsurfing in the YNZ Learn to Sail syllabus
o Identify clubs that would be ideal bases for windsurfing in each region
· Promote instructor courses and grow instructor numbers
· Investigate Development Officer role
o Funding
o Administration
o Role description/scope
· Develop and promote a National Pathway
· YNZ to get back to WNZ on a group public liability insurance scheme
· YNZ to share risk management templates with WNZ

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