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IFCA Worlds on Curacao comes to a close

The wind conditions were far from great, which is unusual on Curacao this time of year. Still, the race directors and competitors managed to sail one elimination round so official World Champions could be crowned. During the week, thousands of spectators came to the Surf Town and even more followed the event online.

During 5 possible days of racing, it was only possible to race one late afternoon. During the final day the windpredictions were great, but in reality the wind didn't show up. On Day 4 all the classes, except one (the Masters), completed an elimination round. The final heat of the Masters could not be sailed on the final day. The competitors did go to the starting line for a last chance, but no luck. This meant that by official IFCA rules there are six World Champions in the Masters class.

Jean Patrick van der Wolde (under 17) and Delano Moreno (under 13) from Curacao ensured local success by becoming the first IFCA Slalom World Champions for Curacao in history. "I am very proud. I don't feel special but I did win", Jean Patrick comments. "The means a step up. Now I have to prepare for the Youth class next year, which is much harder."

Overall, the organization looks back on a great event. The goal is to promote local windsurfing and to put the spotlight on Curacao as a perfect choice for future international windsurfing events. Bruno de Wannemaeker, President of the IFCA recaps: "Event-wise it was fantastic: great organization, great food, great people but very unlucky with the wind." Bruno Marques, International ISAF judge, adds: "Very friendly, fantastic organization, all you can ask for in an event. I hope it will become an annual regatta forever."



1. Sergio Mehl (Argentina)
1. Monique Meijer (Bonaire)
1. Constantino Saragoza (Bonaire)
1. Joris Bosman (the Netherlands)
1. Nikaj Droop (the Netherlands)
1. Diego Domenianni (USA)

Youth - U20

1. Gutek Kurczewski (Poland)
2. Jocelyn de Souza (France)
3. Jordy Vonk (the Netherlands)

Junior - U17 (+U15)

1. Jean Patrick van der Wolde (Curacao)
2. Justin Denel (France)
3. Amado Vrieswijk (Bonaire)

Junior - U13

1. Delano Moreno (Curacao)
2. Alex Halank (Australia)
3. Jean Paul da Silva de Goes (Curacao)

Sports Class

1. Ben van der Steen (the Netherlands)
2. Behrend Veenhuizen (Curacao)
3. Remco Osnabrugge (New Caledonia)

Complete youth results

Youth - U20 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 D1 D2 Total
1 POL 75 Radoslaw-Gutek Kurczewski Angulo Maui Sails 1993 0.7 0.7
2 FRA 873 Jocelyn De Souza Starboard KA Sails 1992 2 2
3 NED 69 Jordy Vonk Tabou Gaastra 1993 3 3
4 FRA 111 Alice Arutkin Starboard North Sails 1992 F 4 4
5 FRA 334 Aubin Quernec RRD Loft Sails 1992 5 5
6 ARU 47 Berend Pronk Starboard Hot Sails Maui 1994 6 6
7 NZL 10 Laurence Carey Carbon Art North Sails 1994 7 7
8 FRA 741 Antonin Lefevre Fanatic North Sails 1994 8 8
9 FRA 23 Benoit Jacquier RRD Loft Sails 1993 9 9
10 FRA 540 William Alikiagalelei JP Australia Neil Pryde 1992 10 10
11 POL 180 Kacper Stachura Starboard Gaastra 1994 11 11
12 FRA 824 Thibault Bernard JP Australia Neil Pryde 1994 12 12
13 POL 457 Szymon Sobieszczyk Starboard Gaastra 1994 13 1

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