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Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2011

Despite our best efforts it looks like the system has managed to bypass us in the consultation phase for this legislation. Consultation closed on 9th of August. The draft legislation is available below:
Draft for consultation - .

YNZ made a submission, and while they do not mention windsurfing (no surprises there) many of the points they make are relevant to windsurfing. Ironically, kiteboarding is not mentioned, either by the draft or YNZ.

Key points

Windsurfing is included - only exception might be a confined inland water where its no more than 50m to land.

Exceptions include services provided by voluntary organisations to members, members of affiliated groups or to encourage membership - maximum of 12 days teaching per person per year.

Much of it covers the requirements of the auditing body, probably too difficult for WNZ can go that way.

The one possible avenue for Windsurfing NZ to pursue if the legislation goes ahead could be to extend our windsurfing school and instructor certification scheme to delegate responsibility for promoting membership of WNZ to the windsurfing instructors and schools, in effect we would be 'contracting' them to recruit on our behalf. Since we have previously explored free membership of local (or national) windsurfing clubs to people attending windsurfing schools etc. there is a possibility of formalising this. The main issue would be around payment. The exception (4.4) does not say that the activity cannot be paid for, just that it must be 'an activity provided
by a voluntary association of persons'.


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