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Grant Beck-windsurfing coach, is Sailor of the Year: 2011 Yachting Excellence Awards

Grant Beck is the most successful New Zealand Olympic Coach, ever. He has been the coach and mentor behind the outstanding success of New Zealand windsurfing Olympians, and many other sailors on the world stage.

Pictured left: Grant Beck, with YNZ President Jan Dawson and Paula Herrell of Singapore AIrlines, accepts his award as the 2011 Singapore Airlines Sailor of the Year

Beck's twenty five year Olympic Windsurf Coach record includes seven Olympic medals (three of which are Gold), where he was the mastermind and confidant to Bruce Kendall, Barbara Kendall, Aaron McIntosh and most recently, Tom Ashley.

Not only is Grant Beck recognized tonight for his talent and dedication as a coach, he is recognized for his wide impact throughout the NZ Yachting Community. His experience and judgement is being harnessed as an Olympic Selector in several classes and his role at Adhesive Technologies proves his worth to the wider marine industry of NZ.

To this day, Grant Beck continues to make a major contribution to youth sailing in New Zealand with a variety of roles including coaching, advising and managing youth teams to compete internationally. In fact, he was spotted just a couple of weeks ago teaching some beginners to windsurf at Wakatere Beach on Auckland’s North Shore.

This award won by Beck on 28 October 2011 is the premier award in New Zealand Sailing, for outstanding contribution to yachting, and is given to someone who has demonstrated absolute world class abilities over their career. Yachting New Zealand in association with Singapore Airlines is pleased to inscribe Grant Beck’s name on the Sir Bernard Fergusson Trophy as the 2011 Sailor of the Year.

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