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Get your story published

Get your story out there. Write up your event and send it to one or more of the following (always send it to Windsurfing NZ), or ask us to send it on - your stories will help get recognition for your club, your event and your sport - and encourage new members.

Yachting NZ
We’d like to see more interesting ‘grass roots’ stories from Yacht Clubs around New Zealand in this newsletter, so if you have a story to tell, or regatta report that you think is of interest to New Zealand’s yachting community email it to and we’ll do our best to publish it.

Avoid writing a creative novel – we’d prefer something short and snappy of around 200-300 words. Here are a few ‘media writing’ tips which may help you...

1. Start with the date and where/who it’s coming from
2. The most important information should be in the first sentence or two – no one wants to have to read through to the end to find out who won
3. Start by covering... WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE, HOW
4. Supporting info follows in descending order of importance
5. Timeliness is important – don’t let it become ‘old news’ before you send it
6. Word economy is important – make it short and snappy
7. Limit paragraphs to around one to three sentences
8. Include quotes from key people if possible
9. Put the report in the email, or attach it as a word document
10. Attach one or two images to the email if you have them (With photo credit note if required)
11. Accuracy – proof read it and use spelling and grammar check
12. Email to the Briefings Editor...

Submission form:

Text of Story
While we appreciate your submission, it may not necessarily be published.
We have a formal editorial review process. If we decide your submission is sufficiently newsworthy to publish, it will be edited to ensure it meets our strict editorial standards.
There are some key style rules you need to follow.

Numbers first second third to ninth, are to be written, do not use 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th.
Places beyond ninth can be 10th, 11th, 23rd etc.
Similarly with plain numbers - in correct written style it is a nine boat fleet, not a 9 boat fleet.

Ampersand - Do not use ‘&’ unless its the official name of a company eg Cutter & Bucks

Proper Names and FULL CAPS.

The use of FULL CAPS has been considered shouting for more than a decade online. Please do not use them in titles, people's names or boat names.
Does not use FULL CAPS for boat names in copy; the boat is Ragamuffin, not RAGAMUFFIN. (OK in results tables)

The sailor is Ben Ainslie, not Ben AINSLIE (ISAF is out of step with all mainstream and marine media, please ignore their incorrect use of FULL CAPS.)

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