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FYI: Quake Update - WARNING on Water Quality in Christchurch

Earthquake Media Update Canterbury District Health Board - 16.9.10
Rivers and coastal areas from the Waimak River (as far as and including the Banks Peninsula, the Avon River, the Heathcote River, the Estuary and the water off all local beaches) remain contaminated with sewage and wastewater overflows following the Saturday 4 September earthquake. Canterbury's Medical Officers of Health have issued warnings that it is unsafe to gather fish or shellfish including whitebait.

The public are being advised

Not to drink water from rivers
Not to collect fish or shellfish from rivers, river mouths or the estuary. This includes whitebait.
Not to use rivers or the estuary for recreational use, including swimming or boating
To avoid physical contact with water in these waterways.

The CWA understands that signs warning against swimming (includes any water contact sports) are up at the Estuary and beaches due to sewage contamination in the Avon, Heathcote, and Waimakiriri rivers (Lake Ellesmere is contaminated too). This state of affairs could continue for a period of weeks or even months, so please stay safe out there.

We will update the status of CWA Events on the website, as information comes to hand.


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