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Freestyle Nationals 2010 - wrap up

Big thanks to all other sponsors and volunteers that helped make this event possible.

Also: Yes it was a small start but I'm hoping that we can slowly build up a following to this event that has surely the potential to grow. This is aimed in particular at the young guns out there who are looking for alternatives in windsurfing when leaving the windsurf schools, let's show them there's something else than RSX and Techno! I'm not only looking ahead to the next year but 3-5 which it certainly took to properly launch the TWC for example.

The location for events is obviously always going to be an issue, if it's held in Wellington, not every keen Freestyler from other parts of the country can or will turn up, same for Auckland or any other place.

I don't have anything against the event changing location, but will we ever get the best of the best together if we keep changing it, or will it always be mainly locals + a few out of towners?

Talking to a few competitors/helpers etc. over the weekend it seems like we got something off the ground, now we need to take it a step further. I received quiet a few very contructive ideas for the next one, so weherever it may be - happy to put my 5 cents in it or even run it again.

Picking your brains here: How about a three stop tour in three different locations?

cheers Alexander

---------------------------- more feedback -------------------------

Congrats to thomas nice job mate another national title in the bag at such a young age.

good job well done!

alexander well done in stepping up to the plate and getting the event off the ground and running, good one and nice work.

Too the other 6 freestylers that entered congrats and well done and good on you for stepping up and being part of it, You be the best 6 freestylers in the country you should proud of that.

The rest of you freestylers in NZ what happened to you!!! Why such low numbers entered this event?

this what comps do too you all so kool at the beach here comes a comp run for the hills. Come on guys and girls support the the code that you follow or you have no events.

I am racer and i race, if i where a freestyler i would be there too.

well done to the crew sorry i could not join you if had ooooooo would have got top 7 in freestyle too.

Big ups to

Alexander Tim and Maz Thomas Tom Pete Lawrence Carey Bruce Sellar Jill Cooper

and anyone else good job :-)

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