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Freestyle - Acrobatic and Versatile

The most acrobatic and versatile windsurfing discipline. It is the “youth blood” and has been responsible for much of the new talent that has come into the sport in recent years. Winner is who does the most exciting and skilfull maneuvers. The conditions are from flat water in a lake and a slight breeze to stormy winds in Canarian waves. This makes freestyle also practicable for amateurs who do not have the best waves right in front of their houses.

Fascination: Freestyle
The complicated turns, jumps and rotations which are shown on freestyle competition make this discipline so interesting to watch and it inspires young people for this sport. Windsurfing developes through freestyle. Years ago, only a handfull of surfers were able to do some kinds of maneuvers. Today it is standard for the freestylers to know them and to constantly come up with new moves and combinations.

Competitions in the Knock-out System
Normally two to four surfers compete in the knock-out system in heats (certain period of time) in which the judges count the best action on the water.

The Tricktionary is a comprehensive training book of 200 pages which shows from the basics of windsurfing up to all kinds of freestyle manoeuvres everything you need to learn this amazing sport or to improve your skills.

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