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Formula Nationals results, Luke Watson retains title.

The Formula Nationals got under way with the briefing and registration on the Thursday (unfortunately there were only 5 entries), but not enough wind for any racing.

Friday was a different story, the wind speed was extreme and evidently the start boat often recorded wind speeds in the high 20’s with some gusts in the low 30’s (knots) which is at the upper end of the range for Formula. Luke Watson won the first race, with Tim Wood coming second after almost finishing after the second lap until he noticed that Luke was still doing a third lap and realised he should be doing three laps, unfortunately, they were the only two competitors to do complete all three laps. Tim won the second race to make it one win each, but the third race was to be interesting with the lead changing several times, but Luke took a chance and went back out to sea and managed to make the finish line just ahead of Tim. Trent Cornwall was unable to compete on that day while Steve Gray and Ray Smith were unable to finish in the conditions.

Saturday arrived and again there was no wind and the same on Sunday, so Friday would be the only racing that the formula competitors got, so it was Luke Watson who retained his title with two wins and a second to Tim Woods one win and two seconds. Third place was not awarded as none of the other competitors completed any races on the Friday.

So frustrating conditions to hold a Formula event, and hopefully better conditions, more races and more competitors next time

Congratulations to Luke Watson on retaining his Formula National title for 2010.

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