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Auckland, Tauranga

Windsurfers are the fastest sailing craft afloat!

Whether its high speed fun on flat water, wave riding, or just for fun Windsurfing is one of the most exhilarating Watersports delivering an unrivalled buzz from speed, tricks, wave riding or crossing oceans.

Alternatively it is relaxing, calming and accessible, great fun and rewarding to learn. And because windsurfing can be enjoyed from lake to ocean & beach to estuary you are not constrained like other water sports activities.

You can progress quickly with windsurfing when you're introduced to it by qualified experienced instructors on the right equipment.
Our instructors use unique coaching methods developed by the RYA which helps you grasp new skills and improves your windsurfing more quickly than ever before.

Elements modern, specialist teaching boards make it easy to learn and you can be up and going along and turning around in no time at all, no matter what your experience or age..
Elements is also able to teach you in the most ideal locations to learn this fun sport, with sheltered shallow water for the beginner to more open water sailing for the more advanced.

Elements has the equipment and professional team to make you the windsurfer you want to be…

Practical Tuition

Get onboard 1.5 hours Try it out see if you like it!

Start your sport 2 x 3 hr sessions Learn the core skills.

Basic Skills 3 x 3 hr sessions All the basics.

Windsurf Clinics 1 hour

Coaching for Beach starts, water starts, wave riding, footstraps, harness, carve gybes and advanced skills.

Call us now on 0800 486 729 to book your session.


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