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Aviemore challenge report, Dunedin winds, Surf life saving with a difference, Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Hang Out With Windsurfer Guys, events, Friday club nights ... read more

Aviemore challenge proves most challenging

George Copper once again organised a fantastic windsurfing event at Lake Aviemore. 15 windsurfers of mixed ability entered to participate in the Aviemore Challenge - a race to the other side and back. The aim was to hold at least three races but the hope was to sail until we couldn't sail anymore. Unfortunately the wind god had other ideas, meaning we very much struggled to get the minimum of 3 races.

True dedication, including de-rigging and chasing the wind around the lake paid off with the first race set to go in what seemed to be a steady light wind. By the time we all re-rigged and got on the water the race to the other side became a battle of balance and strength. Thanks to Tom for letting the rescue boat out and giving a lift to a few stranded sailors.

The next day's first race was more of the same, with some on the water balancing on boards in marginal winds for over an hour, a great challenge for sure. The last race of the series was a little more like a good Aviemore sail with a much more exciting race.

Congratulations to Graham Evans for taking out the Men's Title, Sue Bradely, the Woman's Title and Barbara Preston the Silver Title.

An excellent weekend hanging out with other windsurfers and a fantastic spot right next to the lake.

Thanks George for all your hard work and to Rodgers Dental, Export 33 and Watercooled Sports for your sponsorship.

Strong winds on Dunedin Harbour

Gale force NE winds on Monday 17th January brought some interesting sailing conditions. A huge chop with big rollers met those keen enough to get out on Monday afternoon.

Most sailors were on 4-4.5m sails and complained of being overpowered, although after a breather or two at the club rooms they went out for more; you've gotta love that kind of enthusiasm!.

By early evening the wind started to settle easing off slightly to around 30knots and the water was considerably flatter.

Days like that remind us why it's always good to have that small sail!

Surf life saving with a difference

A training session for surf life savers on Dunedin took an interesting turn this month when one of the IRBs (inflatable rescue boats) collided with a local windsurfer.

Simon Hall was out sailing in a good NE wind minding his own business when suddenly he was thrown in the air, traveling around 10 metres before crashing into the water.

A dazed Simon surfaced and was greeted by a young female surf life saver who was concerned for his wellbeing. Dazed and confused he at first thought this must be windsurfing heaven. But soon realised the surf chick and her companions were the cause of his air time.

Motor boats are supposed to give way to sailors but as a timely reminder just because they should doesn't mean they will, so be aware of other boats and sailors when on the water.

Simon escaped unscathed and the local surf lifesaving team apologised and will no doubt be very aware when training on the harbour in future to look out for windsurfers.

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Hang Out With Windsurfer Guys

Author Unknown

1. The ratio of men to women is 4 to 1 in your favor (at the least)

2. They can talk about something besides rugby

3. They don't smell too bad because it's a good bet they've gotten wet recently

4. They have another interest besides sex

5. You know they're rich enough to afford the equipment

6. You always get the latest weather report, several times a day, whether you want it or not

7. They are capable of commitment, at least to their sport

8. They have an excuse to wear rubber

9. You always know where they are, at least when it's windy

10. Windsurfers are generally fit, tanned, and have cute butts – oh really?

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