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Driphone New Zealand National Windsurfing Slalom Championships final results

Results from the Driphone New Zealand National Windsurfing Slalom Championships held at Dunedin Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th February 2012.

1st Chris Lockwood (Aus)
2nd Gareth Wood (New Zealand Champion)
3rd Isaac DeVries (Aus)
4th Terry Beentjes
5th Laurence Carey
6th Paul Vliestra
7th Kristaps Maulvurfs
8th Anton Blijlevens
9th = Gavin Jackson
9th = Thomas Davies
11th Harry Reed
12th Chris Dimock
13 = Dan Willemse
13 = Graeme Evans
15th Dan Meehan
16th Jebbe Unthank
17th Nathan Taylor
18th Luke Watson
19th Allan Taylor
20th Simon Hall
21st Tom McGregor
22nd Aki Shimuzi
23rd Durham Throp
24th Alistair Holt
25th Ross Monk
26th Jim Rodgers
27th Taylor Boyd
28th Mike Sinclair
29th Mikhail Pozhidaev

1st Annie Crombie
2nd Lucy Waters
3rd Lynne Donaldson
4th Jodi Taylor
5th Xanthe Bowater

1st Laurence Carey
2nd Tom McGregor
3rd Taylor Boyd

Silver Fleet;
1st Bruce Spedding
2nd Mark McGregor
3rd Russell Lund
4th George Cooper
5th Bernard Carey
6th Chris Gavan

1st Graeme Evans
2nd Ross Monk
3rd Jim Rodgers

Grand Master;
1st Terry Beentjes
2nd Paul Vliestra
3rd Gavin Jackson
4th Simon Hall

1st Anton Blijlevens
2nd Nathan Taylor
3rd Luke Watson
4th Durham Throp
5th Alistair Holt

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