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CWA News Update

Had my first post winter water session after work tonight - at the beach of course.

As for the estuary, the news on contamination from ECAN's water quality scientist and the Medical Officer of Health suggest the southern part of the estuary (i.e. the Humphreys Drive windsurf area) is back to normal levels (i.e. very poor - avoid swimming), with the cautionary statement below. The ban on water sports continues in the northern part of the estuary. Use your own discretion.

"Normal water quality conditions apply to the blue area of the estuary (south of a line from Sandy Point across to Plover Street) during the period between two hours before and four hours after the time of high tide at Lyttelton. During other tidal states there is increased risk to public health of contact with the water in the blue area."

- see link here: Avon River / Otakaro and Avon-Heathcote Estuary / Ihutai

First club night is Wednesday night Oct 6 - at the Ferry Speights Ale House from 7:30pm.


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