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CWA - 1st Yoda event cancelled due to quake contamination

The subject says it all - continuing high levels of contamination in the Estuary from broken and leaking sewage pipes up the Avon and Heathcote rivers mean we've had to cancel the second CWA event of the season - the first Yoda kiteboard event.

On Sept 13 contamination levels from human waste in parts of the estuary were 5 to 10 times "alert levels", meaning there's a much higher risk of various types of illness, including gastro of various kinds - some quite serious, and hepatitis. (The Press 22/09/10)

I understand that the Council have put up signs warning against water contact, and changed the combo lock to the Estuary kite area until things improve. So if you see someone out on the water don't be fooled - check for your own safety and if in doubt stay out.

This sad state of affairs for local windsports could continue for several months, with full repairs expected to take a year. At least the beaches have been given the all clear, and lakes Colleridge & Clearwater are not too far away, plus it's still kinda cold out there and there's more snow in the hills. I know where I'd rather be.

Upcoming CWA Events might require a rethink, so keep an eye on the website, and stay safe out there.


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