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COVID-19 Responsibility - stay off the water

Windsurfing NZ recommends that all members refrain from windsurfing, windfoiling, wingfoiling, kitesurfing and kitefoiling while the COVID-19 Alert level is at 4.

The reasons are several:

Lead by example, if we take a stand we won't be encouraging (by example) other less responsible behaviour . i.e. a novice, or someone going out in a kayak etc. unprepared because they saw someone experienced windsurfing and thought it would be ok.

Don't waste police time - there is a lot of misunderstanding out there, so it's likely someone would ring 111 and report it. Being right and righteous doesn't help the police.

Coastguard have requested people to stay off the water, they will have to break isolation if anything happens, and 1 callout now is 1 too many.

Surf Life Saving NZ have also issued a call to stay out of the water.

Don't bring the sport into disrepute. 1 incident (any of the above) could make the national news and provoke a nasty backlash.

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