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Celebrating Kiwis making a difference

All around New Zealand there’s a special breed of Kiwi, going the extra mile, overcoming obstacles and achieving results – not for themselves, but for their communities.

We call them Kiwi Battlers, and we want to reward New Zealand’s best – the Kiwis working the hardest and having the most positive impact on the lives of the people around them.

Kiwi Battlers can be any age, involved in any area of activity, in any part of New Zealand.
Here’s how it works.

Anyone in New Zealand can nominate their favourite Kiwi Battler.
A panel will shortlist five Kiwi Battlers in 13 regions of NZ.
A public vote will decide the winning Battler for each region.
The Morgan Foundation will donate:

$10,000 to each winner’s favourite charity and
$1,000 to each winner.
There’s also a “National Kiwi Battler” award. The national winner will receive an additional $20,000 for their charity and $2,000 for themselves.

The Kiwi Battler competition is brought to you by The Morgan Foundation, with help from the NZ Police and local newspapers. The competition is fully funded by The Morgan Foundation, and administered by Gareth Morgan Investments.

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