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Carbon Art release new range of windsurfing boards

2010/11 Carbon Art Wave. New Shapes, New Graphics, 2 Year Warranty.

Carbon Art is excited to announce the release of our 2010 wave range. An extensive amount of work, testing and tweaking on the waves of Taranaki and Maui has gone into our entire range. All three of our wave shapes have been fully refined to give you better performance and more benefits than ever before. The sheer smoothness of the Wave Vee (WaveV) puts you in control 100% of the time, the power and responsiveness of the Wave Single Concave (WaveSC) is more than impressive and the varied style of turns the Wave Thruster (WaveTH) offers is a huge amount of fun.

Along with the shape refinements we’ve been researching and testing new materials to give you the best possible performance and value for money. The end result is the integration of Innegra fibre into our leading edge composite construction. Innegra has delivered amazing results in our testing, especially in the form of increased durability, allowing us to now offer a 2 year warranty on all new waveboards! There’s also an added bonus, it’s made from recycled plastic using a green manufacturing process; an important issue for us here in New Zealand and worldwide. More on Innegra

We’ve learned a lot about the thruster fin setup over the last few years with the development of the WaveTH and other prototypes. This experience and understanding has enabled us to now offer thruster box setups as an optional extra on the WaveV and WaveSC. It gives you the ability to fully personalise your board, tuning it to your sailing style and local conditions, and expand your sailing experience by exploring the multi fin concept without going to a specific multi fin shape.

To coincide with this year’s big developments we’re also introducing a completely new look exclusive to the wave range. The new graphics range combined with our 5 different board colour options really gives you the freedom to individually customise your style on and off the water.


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