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Carbon Art: An interview with Alex Halank (AUS 2001)

Australia's youngest ever Windsurfing Champion, he won the 2010 Starboard Prokids IFCA Freestyle World Championship, in the under 11 division at age 8! He also won the Slalom and Flowstyle events...!

OK we'll start with the big one...How does it feel to be the under 11's freestyle world champion at 8 years old?!! (awesome achievement!):

I feel really lucky that Dad taught me to windsurf in the first place. It's awesome to win the World Championship! It was heaps of fun competing and actually so was practicing - I was doing what I love to do anyway... Having the event to prepare for just meant that I focused more on learning freestyle tricks and that was easy because it's what I wanted to do!

Full interview and pictures Carbon Art

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