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Canterbury Windsports Assn. September Update

WARNING: Faecal contamination (raw sewage) in the Avon and Heathcote rivers and Estuary due to earthquake damage means it really is poohy, and water contact is to be avoided - unless you can find a way to boil it for at least 3 minutes before use.

Clean Up the World Day POSTPONED: Scheduled for this weekend (18-09-2010) at the Estuary, this annual CWA event has been postponed for health & safety reasons relating to the Canterbury earthquake stressors and poor water quality in the estuary.

Yoda Kiteboard Comp (25-09-2010): Challenge yourself with freestyle moves and course racing - location depends on wind & water quality. Contact Cookie (see Events on the website).

Club Night (6-10-2010): Up coming developments, video of Wanakite Snowkite Freeride 2010 and more, plus free finger food.

Windsurf Freestyle Clinics: Young or old, anyone interested should register by emailing the

Access, Access, Access:

Lyttelton Harbour: The CWA has negotiated free access for members via a combination padlock to our ramp at Naval Point, which now has a large grassed area for rigging. Details will be made available to financial members when they login to the website, via the Membership section.

The Estuary Scott Park: Work has begun on the Ferry Road Bridge, with contractor site access at the Sumner end of Scott Park to a paper road along the waters edge. Please respect this - more details on the website front page.

The Estuary Kite Area: The combination lock has currently been replaced with a keyed lock, but we are working to reinstate the combo (details available to financial members when logged in to the website via the Membership section). Please remember that CWA members have privileged access to the Kite Area, which is not a public reserve but council farm land, and the CCC want the swing gate closed after entry/exit.

Be safe out there.


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