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Canterbury Windsports Assn news October 2010

CWA Subs are due for 2010-11

Support the team and enjoy the benefits of access, events, and representation, guilt FREE. You can pay any way you like: online via the website (bank transfer or credit card), or in person with cash (at a club night or event, or to Al at Groundswell or Tim at Kitesports).

Lyttelton Harbour Ramp Access

The CWA has negotiated FREE vehicle access for members to our launch ramp and rigging area near Naval Point, via a chain and combination padlock (TBA). This privilege has been granted by the Christchurch City Council on condition that it is used by CWA windsurf and kitesurf members only, so please lock the chain after entry/exit. It is NOT an alternative to the pay per use boat launch slipway, so please don't share the combination or use it to launch your own boat if you have one, or we could all lose the privilege. PS: The padlock combination will be advised in the membership area of the CWA website.

Sport Canterbury Estuary Blast is ON Dec 18-19

This windsurf and kitesurf course racing for cash event was still in the early planning stage when the Canterbury Earthquake struck and contamination closed the Estuary to water sports for an unknown period. Water quality in the southern part of the Estuary is now back to normal, so we're confident we can proceed with caution, at least with a scaled down club event in preparation for bigger & better things in the future. Watch this date.

Events coming up (see the website events for details)

Oct 30: Windsurf Beginners School at Scott Park from 10am Saturday

Nov 3: Club Night at the Ferry Speights Ale House from 7:30pm Wednesday

Nov 6: Yoda Kite Comp at the Estuary Windsurf Kite Area.

Nov 12-14: Lake Clearwater Camp

Nov 20: Lyttelton Harbour Intro Day

Nov 24: Women's Chin Wag

Nov 27-28: Yoda Wave Classic

Nov 27-28: South island Cup Round 1

Windsports Health & Safety

Given it's the start of the season, here's a timely reminder to windsurf & kitesurf aficionados: please share the windsports responsibility code and some of our hard won local knowledge. If you see a newbie struggling to ride upwind or OMG outa-control then give them some pointers and encourage them to practice away from hazards in the novice zone (or maybe even take a lesson or join a club ;-)




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