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Australia: Horrific accident renews call for jetski licencing changes

A WINDSURFING state champion who may never sail again after a horrific accident wants jet-ski legislation overhauled to stop inexperienced unlicensed riders from taking to the water. Linda Pesschier, 42, is alleged to have been hit by a jet-ski rider on a hire-ride tour of the Broadwater on Monday, at speeds of up to 50km/h, severely fracturing her leg and lacerating her forehead.

People who own jet-skis must have a boating licence and personal watercraft licence to operate it, but people can hire and ride the craft without either of the licences.

After a five-hour surgery and with further surgery soon, Ms Pesschier is unsure if she will ever be able to go windsurfing again.

''It just came out of nowhere, straight into me,'' Ms Pesschier said from hospital this afternoon.

''I think they should have a licence, for sure.''

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